#RPGThursday Retrospective – Mouse Guard (1st Edition, 2008)

Courtesy RPGGeek

Sometime in 2009 I stumbled upon the Mouse Guard illustrated stories, and about the same time heard of a role playing game based on them. Seeing the RPG in my FLGS, I picked up the beautiful hardcover book.

I was not ready for what I discovered in Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game (1st Edition). Using the Burning Wheel system, Mouse Guard was unlike any other RPG I had ever experienced. I mean, there are turns in this RPG! There was also a difference in that characters are not just defined by stats, but by statements. Even more, the statements are used to role-play the characters actions. I was familiar with Assets/Hinderances and the like but these statement uses were different. Eventually, I have come to understand that Mouse Guard is closer to a truly narrative game.

As much as I enjoy narrative RPG systems, Mouse Guard goes a bit too far in the narrative direction for my liking. I love Mouse Guard; it’s beautifully illustrated and a system that makes for a unique roleplaying experience. But because it is so different a system (almost as far from F20 or 2D6 OGL Sci-Fi as one can get) it is also harder for myself and other players to grok. Because of this it is hard to get a group together. I have read that many people play Mouse Guard in a 1-on-1 setting (GM plus Player) but, once again, the rules learning challenge makes that difficult. As a result this game spends a lot of time on the shelf and does not get called upon very often.

This is sad considering how wonderful the system promises to be. More recently, I have listened to a few episodes of The Mouse Guardians, an actual play podcast using the updated 2nd edition rules. The podcast has renewed my interest in the game, and maybe I will get it out onto the table in 2017.

The Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game, Game content ©2008 Luke Crane. All rights reserved. Illustrations and comics content ©2008 David Petersen. Mouse Guard is a trademark of David Petersen. Burning Wheel is a registered trademark ® of Luke Crane. Printed by Archaia Studios Press.

RPG Thursday – My Top Seven RPG Internet Meme

James over at Grognardia started it, and I am late to get on the bandwagon.

My top 7 played RPGs in 2012 (and a good marker for the past several years):

1 – Classic Traveller (Admittedly not so much the RPG but the setting. I especially have played the games of Classic Traveller such as Striker, Book 5: High Guard, Adventure 5: Trillion Credit Squadron, Imperium, Fifth Frontier War, and Power Projection: Fleet; as well as using adventures such as Adventure 7: Broadsword as inspiration for Tomorrow’s War.)

2- Mongoose Traveller (including Hammer’s Slammers, Outpost Mars and Orbital)

3 – Battlestar Galactica

4 – Serenity

5 – Prime Directive

6 – Mouse Guard

7 – Others I played around with in 2012 were Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and the new Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner’s Game. Also messed around with Space: 1889 and A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones Edition.