Family Game Night – Jan 28, 2011

Invited friends over and hosted a family game night.  It was a real success.  We had four adults and six kids ranging in age from 1st grade through high school.


First game up was Qwirkle.  This was played amongst the adults.  Interestingly, this was Mrs. RMN’s first game (though she has watched/helped in many) as well as the intro game for our guest couple.  Game took about 45 minutes to play. Verdict: SUCCESS.





For a quick filler before dessert we played Fundomino.  Three kids versus guest father.  Game went fast with good action right up to the last plays.  Playing time: 15 minutes.  Verdict: Success.





Another game played was Dragonheart.  This was played by the Dads first as a teaching game.  Afterward, I stepped out and let some of the kids play against the guest Dad.  Verdict:  SUCCESS!




Magic Labyrinth

While the adults were playing Qwirkle the kids played Magic Labyrinth.  This proved very popular; so much so that when the adults were finished the kids challenged guest father to a match.  Playing time for a four player game was about 30 minutes.  Verdict:  SUCCESS!




Abandon Ship

The night finished up with a large seven-player game of Abandon Ship.  All six kids played (the high schooler helped the new younger player) against the two Dads.  The game was a good race all the way to the end; I think five of the original seven rats were within reach of the top.  As it turned out, one of the youngest players won a close race.  All wanted to play again but the hour was getting late.  Playing time: 30 minutes.  Verdict:  RESOUNDING SUCCESS.

This was the first Family Game Night we ever hosted with another family.  It was a great time and no TVs or computers were turned on all night.  All the kids, big and small, and all the adults had a great time.  Even Mrs. RMN joined in a game instead of just being an observer.  From the kids perspective it was a blast with interesting games.  From the adult perspective it was good friends, conversation, (a wee bit of drinking) and tons of enjoyment playing with the kids.  It also helps that our guest family is game friendly (we have introduced them to several games before) and were anxious to play.  They left with a list of new games that they will eventually get.

Christmas Games 2010 – Dragonheart

Courtesy BGG

Dragonheart is a two-player card game that uses a basic trick-taking mechanic.  The real appeal here is not the game mechanic but the appearance and theme.

The Theme: Players are wizards trying to either free or keep the dragon imprisoned.  The theme is what drew us to the game and what sparks the initial interest from our kids (fantasy and dragons is a winning combination).

The Look:  Dragonheart has beautiful components with a very visually striking board and evocative art on the cards.  Some might call the game pricey at nearly $20 retail but the quality is worth it.

The Play: Both players have identical decks (except for the backs) and play from a five-card hand (six if you have the petrified dragon).  As cards are played on the board they activate actions that allow one to take other cards.  Players must play their cards to get the maximum number of points while preventing their opponent from doing the same.  Play is fast and simple; there is no text to read and the rules are straightforward.  The four-page rulebook is mostly examples of play.

The Win: The game ends when either player exhausts their draw deck or the third set of treasure ships is played.  Players total their scoring cards and the highest sum wins.

The Verdict:  Dragonheart is a fun filler game for any family member.  The two-player format is a bit limiting in the RockyMountainNavy family; with four kids we tend towards larger games.