Watchmen – Japanese Style

A new Japanese preview for the upcoming WATCHMEN movie shows us more of the altermate history:

If you haven’t read the WATCHMEN graphic novel, you really have missed out on a real piece of American literature history.  Now we wait (like we have for the past 12 years) to see if the graphic novel can make the jump to the big screen.

Clone Wars – or Star Wars finally reaches Saturday morning

Took the kids (and Mom) to see the Star Wars: Clone Wars movie a few weekends back.

Boy, how much has changed since 1977.

The original Star Wars (I still cannot call it Episode IV) was space opera at it most original.  This was (barely sustained through Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.  The second (first?) trilogy started placing action over story.  The cartoon Clone Wars still was good, carried mostly by a decent story.

The Clone Warsmovie, however, has moved the Star Wars franchise squarely into the cheesy Saturday morning cartoon crowd.  Nowhere is this more evident than in how the Battledroids act.  Like buffoons; total idiots; incompetent.  All in the name of humor.


Really pathetic.

A technologically advanced society that can build droids that are heroic (R2-D2) yet they can’t remember a numerical sequence?  An advanced society that uses WWI-era attrition warfare doctrine and tactics?

I had hopes for Clone Wars.  I hoped we would get a return to the space opera.  Instead, we got sent straight to the low-intelligence banter that is best suited for a 10 year old.

The larger Star Wars Universe still has potential.  As I have stated before I am less drawn these days to the Camelot in Space it has become.  My interests are narrow…the rebellion era.  There are few vestiges of the Jedi but not much.

So after 30 years of being a Star Wars fan I feel less and less attached these days.  The kids still love Star Wars (especially Jr.) but it just gets harder for me.