Boardgame Bulletin 23-13 – 2023 BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Award Wargame Winners

BoardGameGeek announced the 2023 winners of its 17th Annual Golden Geek Awards for best games of the year. My congratulations to all the winners, especially those in the wargame category.

Courtesy BoardGameGeek

Of course, the announcement was immediately followed by the inevitable “But that’s not a wargame!” accusations. Personally, I enjoyed reading the comments and watching the enlightening discussion (NOT!).

Feature image courtesy RMN

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9 thoughts on “Boardgame Bulletin 23-13 – 2023 BoardGameGeek Golden Geek Award Wargame Winners

  1. Andrew Franke May 10, 2023 — 6:06 pm

    Oh come on. Votes for women, while an excellent game, is not a wargame. Regardless of how deserving it was of recognition.

    1. Like I’ve said elsewhere, it’s a historical thematic strategy boardgame just like many wargames are. This is what you get with a public nomination process on a platform that has no less than three different definitions of “wargame” in its own wiki and glossary. For as much as boardgamers accuse wargamers of creating definitions to justify a niche of the hobby and exclude others many of those same hobby gamers seem keen on forcing their definition on others that ends up siloing games and excluding members.

  2. Oh come on. Votes for women is a great game undeniably but it isn’t a wargame in any sense. I am glad it won an award as I own it and like it but it won the wrong category.

    1. It’s a historical thematic strategy boardgame like many wargames. Interestingly it was also nominated in the Thematic game category.

  3. What a buncha sour old coots we have living in the attic….

      1. If I could be bothered, I would look around on Consimworld to see if there is more of the same… I know there would be on certain Facebook groups that I left quite some time ago.
        The number of people who seem to think they are here to control and shape the sensibilities of others is mortifying… perhaps Mommy and Daddy paid too much attention to them as a child.

      2. The irony of all is that it is usually the Grognard wargamer (or wargame practitioner) that is accused of not being inclusive when a simple glance-in-the-mirror by those who are dropping comments like this on BGG shows it is the “gamers” who are the least tolerant.

      3. We couldn’t have had GamerGate without “gamers”.

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