Blog Report 23-7 – Wither Twitter

Whelp, not the news I wanted to read.

A more detailed explanation is available on the site:

Yeah, I see that Mastadon is there. I tried it but I found it…well…I don’t like it. For all the complaints about Twitter I feel that I have a well-curated feed that delivers to me what I desire while filtering out the unwanted. I don’t have that same feeling with Mastadon.

Maybe after Automattic gets the Mastadon feed going I will try it. The fact I cannot automatically feed Mastadon is certainly an impediment to me adopting it.

Then again…well…we’ll see.

Going forward, I guess the withering of Twittering means I have to add a new step in my “production process” which is to manually retweet content. That means it will likely be going up late in the day in the states (late night in Europe) but early evening on the west coast. Not the greatest of times for what I see as my core audiences. Sigh…

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3 thoughts on “Blog Report 23-7 – Wither Twitter

  1. Weirdly enough, I posted something today and it went live on Twitter with no problems.

    I’ll keep an eye on it though (have another one coming up this afternoon). Might want to check first before you manually do it to make sure you don’t post twice (or maybe that’s not a bad thing 🙂 )

    1. Yup. This one posted. We will see…

  2. I share your annoyance with this. Though my stuff goes up early morning on the west coast, it’s going to be a pain to remember to tweet it after it goes live.

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