Wargame SITREP 230205 N3 Ops: Winter Classic continues with WAR CHEST (AEG, 2018) and WAR CHEST: SIEGE (AEG, 2021)

The RockyMountain Navy Winter War Chest Classic continued after a two-month holiday interregnum. This is the first time we got my Christmas present War Chest: Siege expansion to the gaming table. As it was our first time playing with the expansion that includes Fortifications and other siege engines, it took us just over an hour to play. It was worth every minute of it!

As is usual, we draft our armies. After mixing in the new units from the expansion my army consisted of:

  • Ensign
  • Lancer
  • Berserker
  • Siege Tower

RockyMountainNavy T, my always worthy War Chest opponent, drew:

  • Footmen
  • Archer
  • Mercenary
  • War Wagon

Right away we both ended up with a new unit from the expansion which ensured we both had new challenges in the game.

The Fortifications were laid out and the battle began. Like I said above, it took a bit of some time as we got back in the swing of the rules and explored the impact of those Fortifications and new units. In the end, well, it was a sad ending for me (again) with RMN T bringing out a two-space swing in the last turn to take the win 6-4.

Overall, RMN T now leads me 4-2 in this Winter Classic series. We will very likely keep this series going for another month until RMN Jr. is home for Spring Break. That seems like a good time to ‘reset’ the series and start anew for the Spring. I have a feeling that I am going to need a reset so it’s not so embarrassing how far behind I have fallen…

Feature image courtesy RMN

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2023 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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