Wargame SITREP 230122 N4 Supply: P500 replenishment for Next War; Desert Victory and Archie’s War shipping out


GMT Games dropped their January update and it triggered two auto-orders for me. Next War: Iran is now on the P500 list, along with Next War: Supplement #4. I am guessing these two are going to be printed together because the Supplement includes a scenario for Next War: Iran that would be useless without that game. I hope this also means that the reprint of Next War: Taiwan, which has over 700 preorders, will come along at the same time (if not sooner).


C3i Magazine Nr 36 with Trevor Bender’s Desert Victory: North Africa, 1940-1942 had my mailing label created Friday. May see this by the end of the week.

Worthington got a cr*p-ton of games for several Kickstarters, including my Archie’s War: The Battle of Guadalcanal. Shipping in the next few weeks, I hope.

“11 games have just arrived in stock!!!!” (courtesy @Worth2004 on Twitter)

Feature image courtesy @Worth2004

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