#Wargame Wednesday – Funding and buzz of Littoral Commander by @SebastianBae from @FoundationDietz

Congratulations to Sebastian Bae for reaching the funding goal of his wargame, Littoral Commander: Indo-Pacific. His preorder campaign, run by Jim Dietz of The Dietz Foundation, overcame technical hurdles with webpages and a full frontal assault by the U.S. Marine CorpsTM over the game’s title. Even after all those challenges the game successfully funded.

I am a proud supporter of Sebastian’s game, and a real fan of The Dietz Foundation. While technical hurdles and an obstinate military bureaucracy during the funding campaign were hard enough for me to watch, what really frosted me was some of the Twitterati commentary. In particular, some folks “bemoaned” that Sebastian was literally doing “all” the marketing for the game and very directly implied that the publisher was not building any buzz for the game.

Yes, @SebastianBae pounded the Twitter-verse with tweets. So did Jim from the @FoundationDietz account. I also personally saw multiple tweets from not only Sebastian or Jim but others EVERY DAY. Granted, this was not a “traditional” big-name publisher campaign. The announcement of the game didn’t get teased in a monthly newsletter, then dropped a month later, and then have the occasional monthly update. Sebastian, as nice a guy as he is, didn’t get designer spotlight moments on BGG. No, this was a small campaign by a first-time designer using a small publisher. So, did it work?

Littoral Commander reached its funding goal in 13 days.

Even without the “correct” buzz the Twitterarti wanted.

Feature image courtesy Dietz Foundation

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2022 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

1 thought on “#Wargame Wednesday – Funding and buzz of Littoral Commander by @SebastianBae from @FoundationDietz

  1. Been lucky enough to play this online- it is a great game and really deserves every sucess.



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