2022 #TTRPG CharGen Challenge – Little Blue out of place in Star Trek: The Role Playing Game (FASA, 1983) #RPGThursday

[Another throwback RPG from “back-in-the-day.” I remember mostly playing this one with the bridge crew and mixing it with the Star Trek: Starship Tactical Combat Simulator (FASA, 1983)]

Rol Th’tilleq

Andorian, Age 44, Lt. Commander (Helm Department), First Officer, USS Footfall, NCC-28149 (DERF-class Survey Ship)

Attributes: STR 71 / END 63 / INT 46 / DEX 62 / CHA 65 / LUC 21 / PSI 19 [Skill Checks are done using a %die and have to be UNDER the Attribute/Skill level]

Skills: Administration 40 / Astronautics-Astrophysics 34 / Carousing 03 / Computer Operation 59 / Computer Technology 21 / Electronics Tech 43 / Federation History 30 / Federation Law 30 / Gaming 15 / Grav Vehicle Ops 07 / Instruction 40 / Language (Klingon) 16 / Leadership 13 / Negotiation-Diplomacy 20 / Planetary Survival 05 / Ship’s Weaponry Tech 23 / Shuttlecraft Pilot 31 / Starship Combat Tactics-Strategy 49 / Starship Comms Procedures 11 / Starship Engineering (General) 12 / Starship Helm Ops 54 / Starship Navigation 22 / Starship Security 04 / Starship Sensors 21

Service History:

  • Graduated Star Fleet Academy
  • Cadet Cruise on Constitution-class Starship; Passed and promoted to Ensign
  • Attended Command School (Promoted to Lt.J.G.)
  • Assigned two terms (four years) to Merchant Marine Division, duty as Helmsman (Lt.J.G.)
  • Third Term assigned to Colonization Division (2 years), duty as Helmsman (Lt.)
  • Fourth Term assigned to Military Division (2 years), duty as Helmsman (Lt.)
  • Fifth Term assigned to Constitution-class Starship (3 years), duty as Chief Helmsman (promoted to Lt. Commander on completion of tour).

Service Narrative: Rol Th’tilleq (“Rolls” to his friends) was very proud to get into Star Fleet Academy, though he will admit it was more likely for his athletic abilities than his intellect…or luck. His Cadet Cruise on a Constitution-class Starship was uneventful and Rolls was promoted to Ensign and sent to Command School. There, “bad luck” seemingly caught up with Rolls and this gung-ho Andorian “warrior” was sent to ply the trade lanes as a helmsman with the Merchant Marine Division for not one, but two back-to-back terms. Somewhat despondent, Rolls agitated for a transfer and for all his complaining was assigned to the Colonization Division as a helmsman ferrying colonists to border planets. However, during this time his ship had a few encounters with Orion Pirates and Rolls distinguished himself enough to be promoted and transferred to the Military Division for his next term. Here he was assigned as Second Helmsman on a Larsen-class destroyer that was part of an anti-pirate task force. Distinguishing himself in several pirate encounters, Rolls was promoted to Chief Helmsman and assigned to a Constitution-class Starship. Rolls worked hard to please his Captain, and after three years was promoted and assigned as First Officer of…a survey ship with the Colonization Division. Rolls is a bit disappointed to be “out of harm’s way” but tries to keep the ship running smoothly in the hopes of getting a command in the Military Division in the future.

Character Comments

Per the core rule book, “Andorian history is one of conflict” and “The martial spirit is still alive in Andorian culture.” Personality-wise, Andorians are described as “stoic” and “disciplined” and “make excellent military officers.”

All of which makes “Rolls” a bit of an outcast? He has spent half his career outside of the Military or Exploration Divisions. Now he is assigned to a Derf-class survey ship which is described as, “a medium exploration ship used for survey work.” More accurately, a Derf is a type of tender that services navigation buoys, early warning sensors, beacons, and comms relay stations. Rolls very likely doesn’t view this work as “military” and probably chafes inside at having to shepherd the crew in this assignment. His obvious strengths are Starship Helm Operations (54), Starship Combat Tactics/Strategy (49), and Electronics Technology (43). Although he has fair Administration and Instruction (40 each) he has rather poor Leadership (13…maybe a bit too stoic?) though he tried to get closer to the crew but really doesn’t know how to Carouse (03!) or play games (Gaming 15).

(Name generated courtesy of Fantasy Name Generators)

Feature image courtesy https://sitzkrieg.blogspot.com/2018/09/derf-tender-to-rescue.html

RockyMountainNavy.com © 2007-2022 by Ian B is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

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