Sunday Summary – Loud But No Rhythm (no fault of @gmtgames @DietzFoudation @compassgamesllc)

Summer is in full swing but I seem to be missing out on those lazy dog days that are good for gaming.


Commands & Colors Napoleonics (GMT Games, 2017 Third Edition) sat on my game table all week awaiting a good sticker session. Along the way I realized that the dice in the game require stickers which sent me on a quest for a good aftermarket replacement.


The plan was to play Supercharged (Dietz Foundation, 2021) for the weekend family game night but the race was cancelled at the last moment by a late addition to the “Honey Do” list.


Made good progress on Meade at Gettysburg: A Study in Command by Kent Masterson Brown (UNC Press, 2021). This book will certainly be the foundation of a Rocky Reads in the future; that is, once I finish reading and get Battle Hymn Volume I: Gettysburg and Pea Ridge (Compass games, 2018) to the table.

Cicada Rhythms

Peak decibels recorded in the backyard this week was 79.5. That’s supposedly the equivalent of a small chainsaw or loud conversation. Maybe, but the incessant nature of the noise makes it sound so much louder (and bothersome) than it is! I also know that I really have only one tree that a brood exploded (yes, I mean that literally) from under so my backyard is one of the quieter ones around. It also doesn’t help that the bugs are poor flyers and seem to have taken up the sport of bouncing off Mrs. RockyMountainNavy at every opportunity—some of her shrieks have been MUCH more than 80 db!

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