#Coronapocalypse #Boardgame Log: Packing away Terraforming Mars (@StrongholdGames, 2016) with foldedspace.net

AS A LONG TIME GROGNARD I have many, many little plastic bags and various compartmented containers used to store away my wargames. I generally treat boardgames the same. Earlier this year, my FLGS, Huzzah Hobbies, started carrying Folded Space inserts and organisers for board games. I picked up one for Scythe (Stonemaier Games, 2016) and really liked it. I was in Huzzah last week and found another insert, this time for Terraforming Mars (Stronghold Games, 2016). I have most of the TM expansions so it looked to be a good investment. I am happy to report that it works quite well, but I had to laugh at one part of the product.

Folded Space products are very unpretentious. A simple box with a cardstock sleeve. The TM insert comes in six sheets which you assemble yourself. The instructions in the box were titled, “FS-TERv2 insert compatible with Great Western Trail.” I got very worried when I looked at which component each tray was supposed to hold and found items like “clerics and wizards” or “lord cards.” Fearing I got a mispackaged box, I went to foldedspace.net but luckily it turns out the sheets in the box are the right ones just the instructions were ‘mixed up.’


Like the Scythe insert before, assembly was a breeze. I have the Terraforming Mars: Turmoil expansion but did not add it yet although the (correct) directions have a way to add it to the box.


Folded Space claims that the box lid closes flush, but not for me. The lift is not bad and since I store my box flat it really makes little difference.


All in all another great purchase and a fun coronapocalypse morning project. Now to get Terraforming Mars to the table….

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