#Boardgame Game Night – Deck o’ dice with Quarriors! (@wizkidsgames, 2011)

For the weekend Game Night here at Casa RockyMountainNavy an older game landed on the table. Quarriors! (WizKids, 2011) was the 2013 Origins Award winner for Best Family, Party, or Children’s Game. So tonight, we not only got an older game to the table, but I was able to get another game of my 2019 Origins Challenge checked off.

Looking at my BGG collection, I rate Quarriors! as a 5 – Medicore – Take it or leave it. Tis actually places it in the bottom 15% of my collection. After these replays I am considering raising it to a 6 but…I’m not so sure I really want to do so.

You see, Quarriors! is not really my type of game. I never got into deck-building games and that is the core mechanic in Quarriors!. Sure, it uses dice instead of cards but the core mechanic is the same. I can see how, with familiarity, it should play fast.

The speed of play was partly why I brought the game back out. I am looking for good games to fill a 60 min or less time in the evenings with the RockyMountainNavy Boys. Quarriors! should be a perfect fit.

In the end though I just find Quarriors! unsatisfying. If I want a 45 minute game I would rather put Queendomino (Blue Orange Games, 2017) or even Tiny Epic Galaxies (Gamelyn Games, 2015) on the table. I might try it again…

…or maybe not.

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