RockyMountainNavy Top Played #Wargames & #Boardgames for 2018

bg-stats-icon-small-e1454598933841According to my Board Game Stats app, in 2018 I played 104 different games for a total of 354 plays.* Using the number of plays as the metric of measure, 18 of those games comprise the most played games of the year. All of the games were played at least five times (“nickel” or fives) with nine actually having ten or more plays (dimes) and one having more than 25 plays (quarters). Here are the RockyMountainNavy Top Wargames & Boardgames played for calendar year 2018.

5 Plays

6 Plays

9 Plays

  • Rhino Hero: Super Battle (HABA, 2017) – This is a family game that masquerades as kid’s game. A title that we can pull out when a non-gaming family visits that appeals to all ages.

10 Plays

11 Plays

  • Quarto Mini (Gigamic, 2014) – A thinky, puzzling “connect 4-ish” game. Easy filler game that the youngest RockyMountainNavyBoy prefers (I have to stop accepting his challenges since he always seems to win). The RMN Boys took this game to Korea with them on their summer trip and challenged cousins. I also recently discovered that the game made an (uncredited) appearance on Star Trek: Voyager:

12 Plays

13 Plays

14 Plays

17 Plays

36 Plays

  • Rhino Hero (HABA, 2011) – Another kid’s game that is a great family game. In one of the more recent games we got to 13 levels before collapse. Truly epic!

* Actually, one needs to add one more game (Battle of Issy 1815) and three more plays for a total of 105 games played 357 times. The game submission in BoardGameGeek has languished for over a week now and without it added to the database BGStats won’t count it!

Featured image from HABA USA.

1 thought on “RockyMountainNavy Top Played #Wargames & #Boardgames for 2018

  1. Enemies of Rome and Cataclysm are one of my favorites. First, for more leisure evenings, second for more advanced play 🙂

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