Summer Family Games

Ben along a busy summer. Did manage to get a few new games in:

Courtesy BGG

First off was a fun new addition; Awful Green Things From Outer Space. This is a fun game that the kids (even Little I) were able to enjoy. Like many kids, protecting the mascot was a major objective! The production values are quite good, the game is easy to learn, and the ever-changing weapons effects ensures that no two games are ever alike. Overall, a very positive RockyMountainNavy family endorsement for this game!

Courtesy BGG

Found this one at the discount bin at Barnes and Nobles. Castle Keep is a clever game but it never really caught the attention of the kids. Used as an occasional filler, but not very successful. Probably was on the deep discount table at B&N for this very reason….

Courtesy BGG

More successful was Meteor Strike. Of course, being that it is LEGO it has a built-in acceptance from the younger RockyMountainNavy members. This one was played alot as a filler-game before dinner.

Courtesy BGG

Another LEGO game proved very enjoyable for myself and the youngest RockyMountainNavy member. City Alarm is a simple chase game, but with LEGO it becomes a build-it-yourself adventure. Definitely need to play with the advanced rules (the jail) because the basic game is, well, just too basic for even the youngest players.

Courtesy BGG

The big hit of the summer was Bananagrams. This game was played daily by the kids, sometimes as a large group and occasionally solo. Even Mom and Dad got into it (especially to help Little I against his older siblings). Can’t recommend this one enough, and can’t wait to introduce the Grandparents to the game!

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