Wargame Wednesday – Command at Sea Pacific Showdown

Admiralty Trilogy by Clash of Arms

If you are a naval wargamer you have to admit that you always have wanted to see who would win, the mighty American Montana-class battleship or the Japanese Fujimoto Dream Battleship. Thanks to Clash of Arms and their Admiralty Trilogy Command at Sea we have both the game system and now new data annexes to battle with.

In 2011 Clash of Arms has published both American Fleets: Command at Sea Vol. VIII and Emperor’s Fleet: Command at Sea Vol. IX. Both products are not stand-alone games but rather data annexes for ships, planes, weapons and electronics for use in Command at Sea. Both books are around 100 pages of content (American a bit more; Emperor’s a bit less). Of the two I prefer the cover art on Emperor’s Fleet better. American Fleets is pure data with no commentary whereas Emperor’s Fleet adds just one short sidebar commentary on Kaiten.

Courtesy Clash of Arms

The data annexes are the heart of both books and these products not only show ships that were or could of been, but also traces the progression of weapons and electronics fitted. Sailing West Virginia before Pearl Harbor is a much different ship than the refitted one at the end of the war and here you can see those differences and game them.

If you are a Command at Sea player you will want these data annexes to get the latest stats. If you are a historical gamer, these books are still worth collecting if for no other reason than the complete ship histories presented.

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