To Boldly Go. . .on a STAR TREK Expedition!

STAR TREK Expeditions (Courtesy BGG)

My Father’s Day present to myself was to purchase STAR TREK Expeditions. After a quick read through the rules I set up the game board and daughter G joined in to play a learning game.

What I Like: THEME. Star Trek is all about the team. What better theme for a cooperative mission game? The clix sculpts are nice and add to the setting. The game plays very much like an episode for TV with a good amount of pressure to get it done now! The three sub-missions have enough variety that replay value is not lost too quickly.

What I Don’t Like: The rulebook is not clearly written and downright difficult to follow at times. This is a game that really does require a demo or play-to-learn session followed by more consultations with the rulebook. I see WizKids already has errata up on their website too.

Bottom Line: I am a late-comer to co-op games but it is a game genre that I have quickly warmed up to. I am sure STAR TREK Expeditions will get a heavy workout this summer!

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