Spring Break Games

Gulo Gulo – Jr. played his first game…and won!  Lady Luck was certainly smiling on him as he went to the front and rescued Gulo Jr ahead of all of us.  Wonderful to see him enjoying the game.  Even though it is recommended for ages 5+ he is doing just fine!

Loot Box Loot is acard game where each player is a pirate fleet that tries to capture as many merchants as possible.  This is a MENSA-recommended game.  Got T to play the first time – a bit tough but he enjoyed it and will play again!

Nexus Ops Box Nexus Ops is another new game (picked it up for 50% off at It’s Your Move in Chapel Hills Mall).  This game has been derided as “Ameritrash” but it looks like it will be good for the kids and me.

Got my first game of Battlelore in Sunday night.  Played Scenario 5 which includes a Level 1 Wizard.  Bit tough for the first game – played against G and T but he was bored as they were a team.  More a 2-player game than a true team effort.

 NEW ARRIVAL – East of Suez.  This is an expansion for the SWWAS-series from Avalanche Press.

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