October 2018 #Kickstarter & Preorder Update

 Total Games On Order = 22

(Wargames 17 / Boardgames 4 / RPG 1)

Trying to keep track of my preorders and Kickstarters in an effort to control my spending.

Who am I kidding?

If there is a theme this month is may well be “space.” I added two space-themed games; the Tranquility Base Kickstarter and the new Terraforming Mars: Colonies expansion.

Assuming all goes well 7-8 of these games could deliver before the end of the year. Christmas presents…for me!

Academy Games (@Academy_Games)

Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon (English first edition)

  • [Source / Order Date / Initial Delivery Date / Updated Delivery Date]
  • Kickstarter / Feb 2018 / Aug 2018 / Nov 2018

Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! – Kursk 1943 (English third edition)

  • Preorder / Jul 2017 / Late 2017 / Dec 2018 or Jan 2019

Ad Astra Publishing

Squadron Strike: Traveller

  • Kickstarter / Mar 2016 / Jul 2016 LONG OVERDUE

According to an email late 15 Oct, this game is “supposed” to ship in the next few weeks. We. Will. See. (Am not holding my breathe….)

Canvas Temple Publishing (canvastemple.com)

WW2 Deluxe: The War in Europe (First edition)

  • Kickstarter / Aug 2018 / Dec 2018

Compass Games (@compassgamesllc)

Battle Hymn Volume 2: Shiloh & Bentonville

  • Preorder / Aug 2018 / Mid 2019

DELIVERED!! Commands & Colors: Tricorne Expansion – The American Revolution War Expansion Kit 1 – The French & More!

  • Preorder / ??? / Late 2018

Indian Ocean Region: South China Sea – Vol. II

  • Preorder / Aug 2018 / Mid 2019

Pacific Tide: The United States Versus Japan, 1941-45 (First Edition)

  • Preorder / Sep 2018 / Nov 2018 

GMT Games (@gmtgames)

**Note that the GMT Games P500 program works differently. Games are not slotted for production until a threshold is met.** 

Flashpoint: South China Sea (English first edition)

  • P500 / Feb 2018 / Status: 440 Not There Yet

Imperial Struggle (English first edition)

  • P500 / Nov 2017 / Status: 2764 Made the Cut Later 2019

MBT: 4CMBG (Expansion for MBT (Second Edition))

  • P500 / Jun 2018 / Status: 460 Not There Yet

Panzer: Game Expansion #4: France 1940 (First Edition)

  • P500 / Feb 2018 / Status: 702 At the Printer Nov-Dec 2018

Panzer: Game Expansion Set, Nr 1 – The Shape of Battle on the Eastern Front 1943-45

  • P500 / Oct 2017 / Status: 83 Not There Yet

Plains Indian War (First Edition)

  • P500 / Jun 2018 / Status: 327 Not There Yet 

Red Storm: The Air War Over Central Germany, 1987

  • P500 / Nov 2016 / Status: 602 Made the Cut Early 2019

Tank Duel: Enemy in the Crosshairs (English first edition)

  • P500 / Nov 2016 / Status: 773 Made the Cut Early 2019

Wing Leader: Eagles 1943-45 (GMT first edition)

  • P500 / Jan 2018 / Status: 514 Made the Cut

Wing Leader: Victories 1940-1942, 2nd Ed. Update Kit

  • P500 / Nov 2017 / Status: 423 Not There Yet

History in Action Games (on SquareSpace)

NEW!! Tranquility Base (includes Tranquility Base: Soviet Moon Expansion)

  • Kickstarter / Oct 2018 / Mar 2019

Magic Vacuum Publishing (Cam Banks)

Cortex Prime: A Multi-Genre Modular Roleplaying Game

  • Kickstarter / May 2017 / April 2018 / Early 2019?

Stronghold Games (@StrongholdGames)

NEW!! Terraforming Mars: Colonies (Terraforming Mars Expansion #4)

  • Preorder / Oct 2018 / Nov 2018

Worthington Publishing (@worth2004)

Hold the Line: The American Civil War (First Edition)

Z-Man Games (@Zmangames_)

Pandemic: Fall of Rome

  • Preorder / Sep 2018 / 4Q18

Summer Doldrums – or Continuing #Kickstarter and PreOrder Madness

As it is the summer, my gaming as slowed as the RockyMountainNavy Boys find more outdoor activities to do, the family is traveling more often, and long summer evenings make gaming less a priority. But it doesn’t mean I don’t want to play! Or try new games!

In April 2018, I had 13 games on pre-order. What has happened since?

Preorder, or just a disorder?

I currently have 16 items on preorder. A majority (9) are GMT Games P500 orders. I have a love/hate relationship with P500; I love the games but hate the wait. I also am a bit disappointed that GMT Games has become a victim of the Cult of the New (COTN) with newer games seemingly taking priority over long-awaited reprints or expansions. I don’t blame GMT Games; they are going after the money where money is to be had.

I am also a bit surprised at the number of Kickstarter games I have pledged for. Given my hesitancy to previously support games I am surprised that I have five on this list. (actually six but the forever-delayed Squadron Strike: Traveller does not have a BGG entry and therefore does not show up). I have to say that so far I am extremely happy with the Triplanetary campaign since it is delivering early (my copy may even be in the mail as I type).

I actually had another Kickstarter item on order until last night when I cancelled it. It was an RPG product and I had backed it because the theme was interesting. As I looked at the product a bit deeper there were aspects that I found, well, I decided the product was not for me and dropped the campaign.

The last two games are Father’s Day gifts to myself and show as preordered because I don’t have them in hand just yet. Once again, the ever-awesome The Player’s Aid guys just make it so that I can’t pass on another game. In this case it’s Patton’s  Vanguard (Revolution Games). The other is Mrs. Thatcher’s War: The Falklands 1982 (White Dog Games). This buy was heavily influenced by an interview designer Ben Madison recently did with Bruce Geryk at his Wild Weasel podcast.

Four of the Kickstarter games are to deliver before the end of the year. We will see; Triplanetary looks like it is coming in early but three other Kickstarter campaigns I have backed (two non-boardgames) are delayed. Maybe a poor investment?

Discipline – or – KickStarter and Preorder Madness (April 2018 Update)

fullsizeoutput_5b2I really need to get my game budget under control. Last year I purchased many games and this year swore to get my spending under control. I have tried to be pickier (No Honey, really!) with my choices.

This week I was purchasing a just few games (Honest, Dear!) and looked at my Preordered BoardGameGeek collection.

Uh oh….

According to BGG, I have 13(!) items on preorder. I actually have 15 given that Hold the Line: The American Civil War (Worthington Publishing via Kickstarter) does not have an entry yet. And then there is Squadron Strike: Traveller (Ad Astra Games, never?). I have written before about my disappointment there. Here are a few I am most interested in:

Agents of Mayhem: Pride of Babylon (Academy Games, 2018?) is not my normal game genre. But it’s designed by Gunter Eickert and Uwe is publishing it. I trust them to make a good game. Even it it is a Kickstarter project….

After watching @PastorJoelT ‘s videos on Twitter and following my visit to Gettysburg, Battle Hymn Vol. 1: Gettysburg and Pea Ridge (Compass Games, 2018) looked too good to pass up.

I have patiently waited for Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! – Kursk 1943 (second edition, Academy Games) for a while now. I am part of the ProofHQ looking at the new rules. I like what I am seeing so the delay, though unfortunate, is not totally unbearable.

Enemies of Rome (Worthington Publishing, 2017). Another buy after @PastorJoelT showed videos. Also like that it compares to 1775 Rebellion – The American Revolution (Academy Games). Looking for a deal, I ordered through Miniature Market. In preorder although I see a few copies on the street. Worth it to save a few dollars?

I actually missed the Kickstarter for Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right (Leder Games, 2018?) but recently pulled the trigger and ordered it via BackerKit. I was initially hesitant because I like the GMT Games COIN series (which Root is supposedly heavily influenced by) but just was not so sure the RockyMountainNavy Boys would like it. After looking at the Print-n-Play versions posted I decided to go for it!

Long ago I remember a friend had Triplanetary: The Classic Game of Space Combat (Steve Jackson Games, 2018?). At only $45 via Kickstarter this seemed like a good deal as it is a topic I love.

If predictions are to be believed, August/September 2018 may be a busy month of new games. Mrs. RockyMountainNavy keeps reminding me about this as I spend now for gaming later.