January #Wargame #Boardgame Month in Review

img_0171According to my BGStats app, my January gaming was pretty good. It shows I played 18 different games 25 times. In reality, two of those games were expansions played at the same time as the base game. I got a decent mix of wargames vs boardgames (13:5) and old vs new (4:14).

Game(s) of the Month

Gaming Challenges

Possible Arrivals in February


I changed the blog theme in mid-January to Apostrophe 2. Since them the number of visitors has held fairly steady but the number of page views shot thru the roof. I am showing over 5,000 page views in January, compared to all of 2018 where I had around 14,500 for the entire year. I also had my single best day ever on 28 Jan with over 500 page views.

That means I absolutely have to say a big THANK YOU to all you readers out there!