#RPGThursday – Loose thoughts on Cortex Codex (not Fandom anymore, 2022)

New arrival this week in my RPG collection is the Cortex Codex. What is the Codex?

The first version of the Cortex Codex has arrived. It’s an alphabetical listing of every Cortex rule. It’s the collated form of the wiki-ish thing they’re going to put on the web site.

On the plus side, the explanations of rules are really good. On the minus side, there aren’t bookmarks and the index-like table of contents doesn’t have page numbers in it.

I love Cortex, and I was a lot happier with the Prime handbook than a lot of other people, but this one’s a bit awkward. Hopefully we’ll see an updated release soon.

Miss Atomic Bomb via RPG.net forums 1 Jun 2022

The Cortex Codex is a three-hole punched, loose-leaf assembly of the rules. I think I can see what the publisher/designer intended; each major rule is its own section that can be swapped out and updated as necessary. New rules are simply added in (alphabetically) as needed.

Yeah…you sorta can “see” though the pages…

With the recent sale of Cortex by Fandom to Dire Wolf Digital, I wonder what’s going to happen to Cortex in the future. While the Traveller/Cepheus Engine system is my first go-to set of rules for role-playing games, I have always enjoyed various Cortex-driven RPGs (like Serenity/Firefly Role-Playing Game and Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game). Like Miss Atomic Bomb above, I too enjoy the Cortex Prime Game Handbook and find the system highly suitable for many different genre of role-playing games.

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