#Wargame Wednesday – Aide-de-camp needed in Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel, Kursk 1943 Third Edition (@Academy_Games, 2019)

The RockyMountainNavy Boys and often play wargames together for Family Game Night. This means we need to play games with three players. This makes playing wargames very hard since most are (by design) two-player affairs. However, we are able to play Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel, Kursk 1943 Third Edition (Academy Games, 2019) with three players with just a little bit of work.

Several scenarios in Storms of Steel support four players. Each side (Soviet or German) is divided into two forces. We can just as easily play these scenarios 3-player by giving both forces to one player.

Thus, it was last week that I found myself partnered with my Youngest as we split the Soviet forces. Middle RMN Boy took the Germans. The scenario generally worked. One reason we like the Conflict of Heroes system is the little down time. Take an Action – next player!

Next time though, we are going to need a player aide. Since initiative can change, it would be helpful for us to have some sort of track that shows the present order, where we are in that order, and if a force has Passed. Easy to make – will have to work on a prototype and get it ready for next time. that’s because there will be a next time to play Storms of Steel!

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