Queendomino as a Family Game Night Filler

This last weekend was a bit challenging. With our trip to Gettysburg and Mrs. RockyMountainNavy having a job that requires some weekend hours, it looked like we were going to miss the Family Game Night. That is until Youngest RMN Boy asked to play something. Anything. As long as we play. Recognizing that we were short on time, we chose Queendomino (Blue Orange Games, 2017).

It was awesome.

The RMN Boys and I have played Queendomino before, but this time all the game mechanics were in play. There were many Knights sent to collect taxes, lots of Buildings constructed, many Towers erected, the Queen changed kingdoms a few times, and the Dragon burned down more than a few structures.

The game took a bit longer than its advertised 25 minute playing time but it was well worth the extra minutes. When the points were counted Youngest RMN had won thanks in part to a GIGANTIC forest territory he was able to cash in for a whopping 55 points! We all agreed that this game had just clicked with each of us. We all pledged to get it to the table more often as it is just that enjoyable!

Featured image courtesy Blue Orange Games.

5 thoughts on “Queendomino as a Family Game Night Filler

  1. I really enjoyed this game. I’ve played it twice now (second time with the full Queen/King combination) and it’s a lot of fun!

    Made my Honorable Mentions for best game played in 2017.

  2. We really liked this one as well. Played it 4 times back to back a few weeks ago.

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