Threat Tuesday – The Jonger Dreams of Clancy

Well, not really Tom Clancy but Larry Bond. Remember Mr. Bond’s 1989 book Red Phoenix? In the book, the North Koreans have advanced weaponry like KILO-class submarines and FULCRUM fighters flown by Russians. Looks like the Jonger wants to make it a reality. According to the Chosun Ilbo:

It is rare that an Air Force chief accompanies Kim on an overseas trip. “This is decisive proof that one of the goals of Kim Jong-il’s visit was to buy new fighter jets from Russia,” a source familiar with North Korean affairs said.

What an interesting scenario; norK Sukhoi’s up against ROK F-15K’s. But it looks like the Jonger will be “shot down”…again;

Visiting China in May, Kim also asked Chinese President Hu Jintao to sell him up-to-date J-10 and J-11 stealth fighters, only to be rejected again.

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