This will ruin your day…

SS-N-19 SHIPWRECK/ P-700 Granit (KDN)
SS-N-12 / P-1000 (KDN)

That’s a 7,000kg anti-ship cruise missile being loaded into the launch tubes of Moskva, a SLAVA (Atlant)-class guided missile cruiser (CG) of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.  Originally designed to be salvo-launched against carriers, this was probably the ultimate anti-carrier missile of the Soviet Navy.

2 thoughts on “Shipwreck

  1. Mitko…you are correct. I was so fixated on Petyr Velikiy I forgot the SLAVA uses SS-N-12 and NOT/NOT SS-N-19. Thanks for the note!

    SS-N-12 Mod 2 (P-1000 Vulkan)
    4,800kg missile w/ 1,000kg warhead
    Speed: Mach 2.5

    Still will ruin your day….

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