My STAR WARS Problem

Recently, I picked up Star Wars: Sage Edition RPG with the hopes of getting the (older) kids into a bit of some RPG action this summer.  At the same time I am eagerly awaiting the release of the next Star Wars movie, Clone Wars, this summer.

But I am having troubles with the Star wars Universe.

I have very fond memories of the original trilogy,  Indeed, Star Wars was a touchstone of my youth.  I still remember sitting in the movie theater at Star Wars (not ‘A New Hope’) and watching that HUGE starship enter the screen at the beginning.  THAT WAS A GREAT MOVIE MOMENT.  Sure there was that Jedi hocus-pocus but it really didn’t make a difference to me…at that time.

By the time the second trilogy came around, I was less enarmored.  The part that started turning me off was the Clone Wars…masses of robots on one side lined up against masses of clones on the other.  Warfare in the galaxy far away is not much different then the middle ages, complete with Knights swinging their swords.  This is not science fiction…just fantasy with a neo-wrap.

But I told myself it is OK.  In the Expanded Universe (books and the like) this was not the way it is.

I recently picked up the book Death Star.  Takes place in the same timeframe as Episode 4 (the first movie).  I really liked the perspective.  I also picked up the Dark Horse Comic Rebellion Vol II.  Again, Rebellion era and likeable.

Then I picked up Dark Horse Comic Knights of the Old Republic….not so good.  Too much Jedi hocus-pocus.  For my e-book reader I got the free download of Legacy of the Force: Betrayal.  Over-the-top Jedi hocus pocus. has links to trailers for the new Clone Wars movie.  More of the same; endless personal battles of attrition.  Then there is a video podcast of Epic Battles where they talk about the Lucas vision.

So here is my problem; I like science-fiction not science-fantasy.

Star Wars.  Jedi Knights.  Endless waves of soldiers.  Not for me.

Problem is the kids grew up with Episodes 1-3 where the fantasy of Star Wars is central.  They accept it.

So what does this mean for my RPG?  I would rather game a Rebellion-era setting.  The kids prefer Rise of the Empire.  Can I do that setting even when I hate it?

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