“Captain” Dao

Captain” Dao

STAR TREK: The Roleplaying Game (FASA, 1983) Core Rulebook CharGen

DAO, [NON] / Commander / Human, Male / Age 51

Commanding, U.S.S. Larsen

SERIAL No: SC609-6167CBA

STR 64 / END 60 / INT 60 / DEX 63 / CHA 55 / LUC 80 / PSI 62

“TO HIT” (Modern Arms) 62 / (Hand-to-Hand) 41


  • Administration 40
  • Atmosphere Craft Pilot 10
  • Astronomy/Astrophysics 25
  • Carousing 07
  • Computer Operation 50
  • Computer Technology 10
  • Deflector Shield Technology 10
  • Electronics Technology 10
  • Federation History 30
  • Federation Law 30
  • Ground Vehicle Operations 08
  • Instruction 30
  • Language (Klingon) 36
  • Leadership 46
  • Marksmanship (Modern) 60
  • Medicine (Human) 14
  • Negotiation/Diplomacy 50
  • Personal Combat (Unarmed) 20
  • Ships Weaponry Technology 10
  • Shuttlecraft Pilot 31
  • Small Unit Tactics 10
  • Starship Combat Tac/Strat 40
  • Starship Comms Procedures 10
  • Starship Helm Operations 20
  • Starship Navigation 40
  • Starship Sensors 30
  • Streetwise 17
  • Transporter Operations 30
  • Warp Drive Technology 20

 Graduate of Starfleet Academy, Command School

 Cadet Cruise

  1. Merchant Marine Division
  2. Merchant Marine Division
  3. Military Division (Passed, promoted to Ensign)

Service Experience

  • Term 1 – Colonization Division (4 yrs, promoted to LTJG)
  • Term 2 – Starbase Duty (4 yrs)
  • Term 3 – Starship (5 yrs, promoted to LT)
  • Term 4 – Colonization Division (2 yrs)
  • Term 5 – Starship (4 yrs, promoted to LCDR)
  • Term 6 – Colonization Division (2 yrs)
  • Term 7 – Military Division (4 yrs)

“Captain” Dao has just been promoted to Commander. Although he believes himself to be lucky, his career actually appears to be far from so. Considerably older than his command crew, Dao is trying to find the “last hurrah” before he is sure Starfleet Command will forcibly retire him.

Placed in the Merchant Marine Division for his first Cadet Cruise, Midshipman Dao rebelled since he believed he was destined for greater. It was because of his attitude that he had to repeat another Cadet Cruise, again in the Merchant Marine Division. Being near total despair, he naturally failed again. Finally, he passed his third Cadet Cruise in the Military Division where he gained attention by flawlessly filling in for the fallen navigator when the ship he was on was damaged by a rogue ion storm.

Promoted to Ensign, Dao found himself in the Colonization Division where he was part of a long-term survey mission along the Gorn Border Region. He was quickly promoted to LTJG but was (unluckily) sent to Starbase Duty where he was neither an instructor nor able to use his navigation skills. Dao’s luck appeared to turn when he was assigned as junior navigator to a Constitution-class cruiser. Much like the sister-ship Enterprise, Dao was assigned to Five-Year Mission. It was during this time that he picked up a more than passing familiarity with the Klingon language. At the conclusion of the mission Dao was promoted to LT, but found himself reassigned to the Colonization Division updating starcharts after his last mission. Shortly thereafter, Dao pulled in some favors and was able to be assigned as a Junior Department Head aboard yet another Constitution-class starship. For his hard work he was promoted to LCDR. But once again the Colonization Division came calling and Dao found himself once again doing staff work, this time in the Neutral Zone between the Klingon Empire and Federation. As the “cold war” along the Neutral Zone picked up, Dao was assigned as the Chief Navigator aboard a light cruiser patrolling the Neutral Zone.

Now promoted to Commander, Dao has given command of an older Larsen-class destroyer. The ship is past its prime, and the final part of Dao’s tour may be retiring the old bucket. Dao is around 20 years older than the rest of his command crew, and he is sure Starfleet Command is looking for him to mess up and give them an excuse to retire him.

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