Klingon Armada “Day of Infamy” Mini-Campaign Scenario 1

2 Aug 2571, 0500 hours Standard Time, Federation Edge of the Neutral Zone, Klingon-Federation Border

 Command Bridge, USS Australia

The Commodore was very concerned. Arrayed in front of him, at a range of 25kkms, were three Klingon D-7 cruisers. Sensors identified them as Warhammer, Ruthless, and Savage. They were approaching his small detachment in a standard Klingon V-shaped attack formation. Sensors also told him their weapons were hot.

“Signal Monitor and Suffolk. Energize phasers and start arming the photons. It looks like the Klingons are spoiling for a fight here.”

Bridge, IKV Warhammer

High Command had finally made the decision. Today, the invasion of the Federation would begin, and this commander would have the honor of one of the first attacks. Intelligence had done well; his squadron of D-7s would take on a Federation detachment consisting of the battlecruiser Australia, the heavy cruiser Monitor, and the old light cruiser Suffolk. The Feds were strung out in a left echelon formation; not very good for supporting fire.

 “Velocity 4! We will go right at them!” The bridge crew’s acknowledgement was almost a cheer.

 Command Bridge, USS Australia

 And so they came. The Klingons tightened up their formation, leaving no gaps in the Combat-V.

“Tell Monitor to tighten it up, and have Suffolk close up too.”

The cruiser came up close to the port echelon of Australia, while Suffolk moved just behind Monitor.

The first pass was nearly his last. All three D-7’s fired from 9kkms at Australia. The mighty battlecruiser shook from the multiple hits.

 “Return fire! Now!”

 Australia fired against Warhammer. The damage was telling; even a cruiser like the D-7 takes punishment when facing a battlecruiser. Apparently, the captain of Monitor thought it would be enough; he focused his fire against Savage.

 “All units, concentrate fire!”

 Bridge, IKV Warhammer

 The smoke was thick as several bridge crew members moved to put out the fires that had started.

 “Damage is extensive, but we still can manuever. Forward shields are down, hull severely damaged,” reported the Damage Control Specialist.

“All ships launch drones! We will use them as a shield.”

Command Bridge, USS Australia

 “Signal squadron to turn to port. We need to let the photons rearm. We can’t take another pass head-on like that!”

 But already his command was falling apart. Not only was his ship hurt, but as Australia and Monitor turned to port, Suffolk instead reversed, and laid herself besides Warhammer who was barely moving. In the meantime, several swarms of drones homed in relentlessly on Australia while Ruthless and Savage started a sweeping turn to port.

 “Phaser-3’s and anti-drones fire as they bear! Where are my tractor beams!”

 As Australia swatted at drones, Suffolk and Warhammer traded blows at point-blank range. Suddenly, a bright flash nearly drowned out the viewscreen.

 “Scratch one D-7” shouted a too-excited Ensign. He seemed to barely notice the continual pounding the ship was taking from the Klingon phasers.

 “Where are my DC teams?” The Commodore countered.

 “More drones inbound,” shouted the weapons officer.

 Bridge, IKV Savage

 The Captain knew that the initial pass was too reckless. Warhammer’s captain had hailed from a smaller house, always hungry for glory but often acting recklessly. Well, he had paid for his indiscretion with his ship.

“Continue firing drones. Keep a wall between us and the Earthers. Helm, get us pointed at that battlecruiser so we can finish him!”

 Concentrate your fire. One of the maxims at the academy. Well, we will see if even a battlecruiser can take the pounding of a squadron of D-7s. Even though Warhammer was gone, the battlecruiser was hurt.

 Command Bridge, USS Australia

 “More drones inbound. They remain targeted on us,” the weapons officer reported.

 The commodore thought carefully. The Klingons were down a ship, but were moving to bring their disruptors to bear. His photons were rearmed, but Suffolk was hanging out ahead of the heavy ships and looked very vulnerable. What if they turned on her? His ship barely survived a pass from three D-7s; could she survive blasts from two? A glance at the Damage Control Board showed his ship was in trouble too. The engines were still well, shields were being repaired, and most weapons remained, but the pinprick attacks from drones and phaser-sniping was compromising his hull integrity. How much longer could he remain in the fight?

 He made his decision. “Signal Monitor. We will move to support Suffolk.”

 The Klingons swung around, the tactical display showed the disruptors were almost bearing.

 “And tell the engineer to brace for impact.”

 Bridge, IKV Savage

 Could he do it? His drones were wearing down the battlecruiser, but his own ship was hurting to. He had lost three disruptors. So far, Ruthless was untouched. The computer told him that trading two D-7s for a battlecruiser, as well as damaging a light cruiser was an even trade, but it just didn’t seem right.

 “Weapons! Fire disruptors as they bear!”

 Command Bridge, USS Australia

 The ship shook. The Commodore frowned. He had never seen the hull integrity factor that low before….

 Bridge, IKV Savage

 The flash was brief, but to the Captain it seemed like a new dawn.

 “To Ruthless! Our mission is complete, maximum warp back to the fleet!”

 The first battle was won.


 This battle was the first battle of the Day One Mini-Campaign. I used the forces as detailed in Klingon Armada page 39. The Federation used III Division. Either side could claim victory once 400 VPs were scored. The Klingons concentrated on Australia and with her destruction scored 401 points and took the victory.

 Final Score:

  • Federation 282 VPs
  • Klingon (winner) 401 VPs

Next battle is the Federation II Division (1x Command Cruiser, 2x Light Cruiser, 2x Frigates) versus the Klingon 2nd Squadron (1x D-7C, 1x D-6, 4x E-4).

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